Celebrating a Decade of Growth and Partnership - A Letter to Our Valued Customers - Toee Tire

Celebrating a Decade of Growth and Partnership - A Letter to Our Valued Customers

Xinshan Li

Dear Valued Customer,

As we reach the ten-year milestone of Toee Tire, it has become a tradition for us, starting last year, to write a letter to our most cherished customers. At this moment in 2023, there are a few special thoughts we wish to share with you:

Firstly, we maintain confidence in ourselves and optimism for the future.

This sentiment, simple as it may seem, deserves to be voiced aloud, especially now. Our confidence and optimism need no extraordinary reasons – they stem from the belief that this is who we are.

Secondly, we're excited to introduce our new brand, Grenlander.

Changing a brand is not a small feat, considering the loyal customer base attached to it. However, as a trusted and reliable local supplier, we believe this change won't come as a surprise.

In a diverse and multifaceted world, our aim is to filter out the finest products and offer them at the lowest prices, fostering mutual growth and progress with our customers.

This winter, we're also collaborating with local aluminum wheel supplier RTX, to extend our high-quality products to a broader market and support more small and micro businesses.

Thirdly, a piece of advice on success from Kevin Kelly resonates deeply with us: "Recipe for success: under-promise and over-deliver."

We're taking this to heart. We might move slowly, but we're committed to delivering results.

In the traditional Chinese calendar, a year is divided into 24 solar terms, each corresponding to an agricultural season. In this spirit, let us share a thought: our duty is to till the land, not to fret over time. What's done in April bears fruit in September.

Time urges us forward. Let's work together, diligently preparing the ground for what lies ahead.

Here's to a bountiful harvest for us all!

Warm regards,

Toee Tire Team