We are excited to introduce the Toee Tire Bulk Order Discount Program, designed to provide you with more savings as you purchase more. Our tiered discount structure is aimed at rewarding your loyalty and support with increasing discounts on larger orders. Below are the details, exceptions, limitations, and policies of this program.


The Toee Tire Bulk Order Discount Program offers you the opportunity to save more as you buy more. This program is ideal for those who need tires in large quantities, whether for retail, service, or personal use.

Discount Tiers Explained

  • Buy 50 Tires: 5% Off Each Product
    • Purchase 50 tires in a single order and enjoy a 5% discount on each tire.
  • Buy 100 Tires: 6% Off Each Product
    • When your order reaches 100 tires, the discount increases to 6% for each tire.
  • Buy 200 Tires: 7% Off Each Product
    • A bulk order of 200 tires entitles you to a 7% discount on each tire.
  • Buy 300 Tires: 8% Off Each Product
    • The largest tier, for orders of 300 tires, rewards you with an 8% discount per tire.

Exceptions and Limitations

  • The bulk order discounts apply only to the specific quantities mentioned above. Orders that fall short of these thresholds will not be eligible for the corresponding discount.
  • These discounts are applicable on a per-order basis and cannot be accumulated over multiple orders.


  • The Bulk Order Discount cannot be combined with other offers, including dealer points discounts. It is either the bulk order discount or the dealer points discount that can be applied to a single order, but not both simultaneously.
  • The discounts are applicable only to the tire prices and do not include other costs such as shipping or taxes.


Should you have any questions or need further clarification about our Bulk Order Discount Program, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@toeetire.com or 905-337-8266. Our team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries you might have.

We hope this program will add value to your purchases and look forward to continuing to serve your tire needs with quality products and attractive savings.

Thank you for choosing Toee Tire.