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Celebrate the True North: Happy Canada Day!

Xinshan Li

This Canada Day, let’s paint the town red and white to honor the rich tapestry of cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unyielding spirit that make up the fabric of our great nation! From the rugged cliffs of Newfoundland to the soaring peaks of the Rockies, from the multicultural vibrancy of Toronto to the Francophone charm of Québec, Canada’s beauty is as diverse as its people.

As we gather with friends and family around barbecues and fireworks, let's remember the First Nations, whose ancestral lands we share, and celebrate the unity in our diversity. On this day in 1867, a nation was born, and with it, the Canadian dream - a dream of inclusiveness, tolerance, and opportunity.

🇨🇦 So, don your maple leaves, indulge in some poutine, and let the sound of “O Canada” fill the air as we raise our glasses to 156 years of confederation. Here’s to the True North, strong and free! 🇨🇦

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