In 2013, Mandy Li founded a tire distribution company in Oakville. Mandy was known for her strong character, outgoing nature, and attention to detail, which helped her navigate the challenges of starting a new business.

Early on, Mandy partnered with Dong Qiang, a salesperson from Dynamic Tire, to get the company off the ground. Together, they worked hard to establish relationships with various automobile-related businesses in the area, building a reputation for quality products and excellent service.

Over the years, the company continued to grow, and Mandy brought on new team members, including Jarvan Chen and Ma Yi. Both of them made significant contributions to the company, working hard to expand.

In 2020, Toee Tire faced the challenges brought about by the pandemic. Despite the difficulties, the company managed to emerge from the crisis stronger than ever before, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Mandy herself, along with Richard, the newly joined manager.

In 2021, the company had welcomed Daniel Hu as the regional manager. Daniel was instrumental in the company's expansion plans and was a key player in building the Cambridge warehouse and establishing strong relationships with customers in the area. However, a year ago, Daniel left the company to pursue other opportunities.

Despite the loss of Daniel, Mandy, Richard, and the rest of the team continued to work hard and drive the company's growth. Their efforts paid off, as they managed to secure their position as a player in the tire distribution business in the Great Toronto Area.


The company's success is a testament to their unwavering spirit and commitment to excellence, even in the face of adversity. By working together, This is a company that is not only successful but also helps support the local economy and provides high-quality products and services to their customers.