TIRE NEWS JUNE 2023 - Toee Tire


Xinshan Li

Material Management: Challenges in managing inventories of the materials needed for operations in tire centers have been highlighted. These issues seem to arise particularly when the small parts needed at peak times run out​1​.

Tire Sustainability: The industry is focusing on leveraging technology to create cost-effective solutions for tire sustainability, particularly for waste management fleets. This was a topic of discussion at the Waste Expo 2023​1​.


Tire World: The approach of "going big or going home" was exemplified by the presence of a huge mining tire at the front yard of Tire World in Brampton​1​.

Government Regulations: The Canadian government has announced that starting from February 3, 2024, it will be prohibited to manufacture and import lead wheel balancing weights for road vehicles​1​.

Business Acquisitions: In a major development, Kal Tire, one of Canada's oldest, family-owned tire businesses, acquired Frisby Tire's Ottawa-area network of stores​1​.

Infrastructure Investments: Groupe Robert Bernard is investing $8 million to build a new warehouse​1​.

Product Innovations: Bridgestone unveiled the Turanza EV, a green tire made for zero-emission vehicles and made with recycled and renewable materials​1​. Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. also introduced the 114R, a new low-rolling-resistance (LRR) commercial tire designed for regional haul fleets and spread-axle operators looking for maximum tire life​1​.