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A Decade of Dedication: Celebrating 10 Years of Toee Tire

Si Li

In 2013, a small dream was born in the heart of Oakville, Ontario. Mandy Li, along with a handful of dedicated individuals, founded Toee Tire with a simple mission: to bring the best tire products to Canadians. Those early days were anything but easy. Mandy herself went door-to-door, distributing flyers and passionately sharing our vision. We faced countless rejections, some even to our face. But determination is rooted in our DNA.

We never took the easy route when selecting our suppliers. Instead, we rigorously chose only those with international tire production qualifications. And our commitment went beyond mere paperwork. We visited factories, conducted on-site product tests, and scrutinized their manufacturing capabilities and equipment. All this to ensure that the design and quality of every tire would meet the expectations of the discerning Canadian consumer.

There's a story we often share in our office. On one of Mandy's initial marketing trips, she met a skeptical customer who questioned the quality of our tires. Mandy, always one for a challenge, invited him for a live demonstration. The result? That skeptic became one of our most loyal customers and a lifelong friend.

Over the years, through trials and triumphs, our products gradually won the hearts of many. Their trust in Toee Tire grew, not just because of the quality of our products, but because of the relationships we built and the promises we kept.

Ten years might seem like a long time, but for us, it feels like just the beginning. As we reflect on this journey, we are filled with gratitude. It's the unwavering support and companionship of our customers that has brought Toee Tire to where it stands today.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you for a decade of trust and partnership. Here's to many more years of driving safely together!

Toee Tire North America Inc. Team